Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family photos

We took some family snapshots a couple days ago ... don't the boys look happy. All these photos are by Thom Kaine.

And there's a story about them on here ...

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Henry O. said...

I saw Made in Heaven last night. I had a great time. It was LOL FULLY! The play is replete with outrageously funny lines. The stage design was really cool. The actors were excellent! It was a perfect cast. They were all very funny. And they were very daring. I really admire them for their commitment and passion to their craft. I congratulate all the actors, crew, director, writer and everyone involved in this production. It's a must-see!
I just hope that they would market and promote it well so that more people would share in the pleasure of seeing this truly ownderful and highly entertaining play.
I'll probably see it again.